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Movie TitleYear ReleasedDate AddedCategory
Death Race    Details 20081/5/2009Action
Eagle Eye    Details 20081/5/2009Action
Garden State    Details 20041/5/2009Comedy
Incredibles    Details 20041/5/2009Family & Kids
Batman: The Dark Knight    Details 20081/5/2009Action
Hancock    Details 200812/8/2008Comedy
Contact    Details 199711/28/2008Sci-Fi
Chaos    Details 200511/28/2008Action
Vantage Point    Details 200811/28/2008Action
Paycheck    Details 200311/28/2008Sci-Fi
Green Street Hooligans    Details 200511/28/2008Drama
Bank Job    Details 200811/28/2008Action
National Treasure: Book of Secrets    Details 200711/28/2008Action
Ocean's Thirteen    Details 200711/28/2008Action
Rounders    Details 199811/28/2008Drama
The Jackal    Details 199711/28/2008Action
The Illusionist    Details 200611/28/2008Drama
The Prestige    Details 200611/28/2008Drama
The Punisher    Details 200411/28/2008Action
The Rundown    Details 200311/28/2008Action
The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift    Details 200611/28/2008Action
Underworld: Evolution    Details 200611/28/2008Sci-Fi
Untraceable    Details 200811/28/2008Action
Shattered (Butterfly on a Wheel)    Details 200711/28/2008Action
The Incredible Hulk    Details 200811/8/2008Action
Wanted    Details 200811/8/2008Action
Broken Arrow    Details 199611/8/2008Action
Face/Off    Details 199711/8/2008Action
The Strangers    Details 200810/26/2008Horror
The Happening    Details 200810/26/2008Sci-Fi
Indiana Jones (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull)    Details 200810/26/2008Action
Rocky Balboa    Details 200611/18/2007Drama
Fearless    Details 200611/18/2007Action
Shooter    Details 200711/18/2007Action
Knocked Up    Details 200711/18/2007Comedy
Family Guy Movie    Details 200511/18/2007Comedy
Transformers    Details 200711/18/2007Action
Norbit    Details 200711/18/2007Comedy
Talladega Nights    Details 200611/18/2007Comedy
The Good Shepherd    Details 20065/5/2007Action
Deja Vu    Details 20064/29/2007Action
A Good Year    Details 20064/29/2007Comedy
Hackers    Details 19954/29/2007Action
Hostel    Details 20054/29/2007Horror
Jackass 2    Details 20064/29/2007Comedy
Last Holiday    Details 20064/29/2007Comedy
The Devil Wears Prada    Details 20063/16/2007Comedy
Brokedown Palace    Details 19993/16/2007Drama
Fever Pitch    Details 20053/16/2007Comedy
Cars    Details 200611/12/2006Family & Kids
Inside Man    Details 200611/12/2006Action
Mission: Impossible III    Details 200611/12/2006Action
Firewall    Details 20066/22/2006Action
Derailed    Details 20056/7/2006Action
Mallrats    Details 19955/12/2006Comedy
Reservoir Dogs    Details 19925/12/2006Drama
Signs    Details 20025/12/2006Sci-Fi
Unbreakable    Details 20005/12/2006Drama
Sum of all Fears    Details 20024/16/2006Action
Made    Details 20014/16/2006Comedy
Chinatown    Details 19744/16/2006Drama
Casino    Details 19954/16/2006Action
The Big Lebowski    Details 19984/16/2006Comedy
Apocalypse Now    Details 19794/16/2006Action
21 Grams    Details 20034/16/2006Action
Swingers    Details 19964/16/2006Comedy
The Village    Details 20044/16/2006Drama
Taxi Driver    Details 19764/16/2006Drama
Stripes    Details 19814/16/2006Comedy
The 40 Year Old Virgin    Details 20054/16/2006Comedy
Snatch    Details 20004/16/2006Comedy
Kingpin    Details 19964/16/2006Comedy
Anchorman    Details 20044/16/2006Comedy
Ferris Bueller's Day Off    Details 19864/16/2006Comedy
Mindhunters    Details 20042/17/2006Action
Zathura    Details 20052/15/2006Action
Saw 2    Details 20052/15/2006Horror
Deep Impact    Details 19982/15/2006Sci-Fi
Changing Lanes    Details 20022/15/2006Action
The Net 2.0    Details 20062/10/2006Action
Doom    Details 20052/8/2006Action
Dressed to Kill    Details 19802/1/2006Horror
Body Double    Details 19842/1/2006Drama
Flightplan    Details 20051/25/2006Action
The Fog    Details 20051/25/2006Action
Two for the Money    Details 20051/18/2006Comedy
Lord of War    Details 20051/18/2006Drama
Swordfish    Details 20011/15/2006Action
Hulk    Details 20031/12/2006Sci-Fi
Gladiator    Details 20001/12/2006Action
The Constant Gardener    Details 20051/11/2006Drama
Transporter 2    Details 20051/11/2006Action
Into the Blue    Details 20051/6/2006Action
Wedding Crashers    Details 20051/4/2006Comedy
The Cave    Details 20051/4/2006Sci-Fi
The Longest Yard    Details 200512/27/2005Comedy
Malibu's Most Wanted    Details 200312/27/2005Comedy
Meet the Parents    Details 200012/27/2005Comedy
Pulp Fiction    Details 199412/24/2005Drama
Four Brothers    Details 200512/21/2005Action
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